Ben Buchwald's Portfolio


November 2015 - May 2016
Client: Integrated Play Team

Company Description

Hasbro is the second largest toy and board game making in the world. They are the owners of many well-known and successful brands such as Transformers, My Little Pony, Monopoly, and many others. Within Hasbro, the Integrated Play team focuses on the digital tie-ins to Hasbro's many brands. This includes mobile apps/games/content, physical-digital integrated toys such as the newest generation of Furby, and other connected toys.

My Role

I was hired, on a temporary basis, to be part of small prototyping team for a new initiative. I can't yet mention the goal of the project or the specific things I worked on, since none of the details are public yet. My main focus while I was there was on a specific type of physical-digital integration. I was tasks with evaluating several different potential technologies we could use. This involved both doing research and hands-on experimenting. Over a period of three months, I worked with a number of different devices. For each I had to write libraries to connect the hardware with Unity3D where we were doing our prototyping. I built several demos, ranging from simple technical examples to polished presentable game prototypes, to show off what each platform was capable of. In some cases this involved writing native code for iOS and Android, to enable us to show our games on a wide range of phones or tablets.

After the conclusion of this project, I have also done some additional consulting for Hasbro. I was brought on to build a green-light prototype for an original mobile (iOS and Android) game they designed.

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